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“Rising mists everywhere, giving place to glorious sunlight, with peeps of blue sky above…: an atmosphere light, cold, and exhilarating in the extreme; such is the scene that greets us as we fling up our window at The Carrington, one of the most comfortable and convenient hotels in all Australia.” (Sydney Mail & NSW Advertiser February 1891)

As true today as it was in 1891, the Carrington has proudly promoted itself as centrally located in the healthiest location in NSW. The benefits of the invigorating mountain air have been praised by writers, journalists and visitors ever since the hotel opened in 1883.

In the 1920s, Sir James Joynton Smith modernised the hotel for the convenience of tourists, particularly extolling the virtues of the Carrington Baths, “..the equal of which is not to be found in the Commonwealth…constructed on the most modern hygenic principles including the needle and the Zistz showers...” Bathing was considered one of the key health and wellness treatments of the times, in combination with the tonic of the mountain air.

The Blue Mountains is still a true health and wellness mecca. We are still looking for the chance to escape, not far from home; and the Blue Mountains - with its fresh air, bush trails and expansive views - is a clear choice for those seeking some space for body and soul. The Carrington today continues to offer the perfect base from which to explore the Blue Mountains, as central as it was a hundred or more years ago - but just a little more comfortable.


The appetite of wolves

“…It is curious to note the manner in which the air affects visitors from Sydney. …they arrive in the last stages of exhaustion…next…a disposition to indulge in perpetual sleep…when this stage is passed …they possess the appetite of wolves. It is a sight worth witnessing, the attack on dinner by a party of Blue Mountains tourists. He who would provender a Blue Mountain hotel must prepare himself as for an army of locusts.” (Sydney Mail & NSW Advertiser February 1891)

Today, the Carrington still caters for the hungry guest, not only in the fine dining atmosphere of the Grand Dining Room, but more casually during the day from the all-day menu of Champagne Charlie’s Cocktail Bar from 11am until 4pm.

It now also offers the “best pub food in Katoomba” with the reopened Old City Bank Brasserie. In the laid-back ambience of an old English pub, the new kitchen team - packed with girl power and headed by Head Chef Elena - is bringing a fresh approach to filling, super tasty comfort food.

Not only is the food awesome but they cater for vegetarians and are definitely family friendly as well as seating big groups. You can eat down in the bar on Friday and Saturday nights to the sound of live piano, upstairs in the restaurant or out in the Beer Garden if al fresco is more your style.

As is was at the turn of the century, The Carrington is today “.. a magnificent house amidst the mountain environment specially designed for the comfort of tourists.”

Try us, open 7 days, not just to stay but to eat and play.

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