Go green when visiting the blue

The Blue Mountains is a stunningly beautiful region that was recognised for its significant natural values in 2000 when it was awarded World Heritage Area status by UNESCO. 

We are also proud to be one of Australia’s ECO Destinations, certified by Ecotourism Australia. 
This certification demonstrates a well-managed commitment to sustainable practices by our community and businesses, and assures visitors of high quality, nature-based tourism experiences.

It is our responsibility to practice sustainable travel, tread softly and leave only footprints behind, to ensure that this incredible place is preserved for generations to come.

Learn about the Blue Mountains’ World Heritage Area

“Did you know?
The Greater Blue Mountains Area covers the largest intact forest landscape on the Australian mainland, with one million hectares of vast, ancient and spectacular national park and wilderness.
More than 400 animal species inhabit the region, including rare species such as the spotted-tailed quoll and the long-nosed potoroo.”

Be a more eco conscious traveller
Small acts can make a huge difference!

            Preserve our World Heritage-listed area

            -Take only memories and photos and leave only footprints
            -Never stray from the path when bushwalking or at lookouts
            -Do not remove plants or rocks
            -Do not disturb or feed wildlife

            Respect Indigenous culture
            -Treat sites of spiritual or cultural significance with respect
            -Do not disturb Aboriginal artefacts or sites

            Help reduce waste
            -Bring your own re-usable cup or refillable water bottle
            -Take your rubbish with you and pick up any you see

            Respect others
            -Keep the noise down
            -Respect the local neighbourhood

            Shop, play, dine and stay local
            -Purchase and book locally where you can

There are many ways to experience the Blue Mountains and immerse yourself in the wonders of this natural landscape – from bushwalks through ancient fern-filled canyons, stargazing, guided eco-tours, biking adventures,

If you are looking for an authentic and sustainable experience, a great place to start is to book with a certified eco business -
Check out the Green Travel Guide
The Green Travel Guide features tourism operators and destinations certified by Ecotourism Australia.  

Find out more about the Blue Mountains’ journey to Ecotourism Australia’s certification HERE 



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