By Julie Miller

What is your background in hospitality?

I have 18 years of experience as a chef, predominantly working in hotels and resorts across Australia. I’m currently in my sixth year at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains; you’ll find me at No.1 Sublime Pt. on Friday and Saturday, while the rest of the week I oversee the operations of Azzurro Trattoria, Embers Grill and Sublime Lounge.

Have you implemented any changes to the menu at No.1 Sublime Pt?

 No.1 Sublime Pt offers a five-course degustation menu with a choice of matching wines. We take great pride in our menu. It revolves around seasonality and undergoes a transformation every six weeks, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and highlighting the rich diversity of modern Australian cuisine. I feel fortunate to collaborate with a team of dedicated and hardworking chefs.

 What is the inspiration behind the food you create?

 It all begins with the availability of fresh produce and what is in season. The team then engages in collaborative play and discussions, testing various elements and textures to ensure they harmonise seamlessly. At No.1 Sublime Pt., the journey commences with amuse-bouche, serving as the playground for our culinary ideas. The flavours then naturally follow suit, creating a cohesive dining experience.

How does the Fairmont’s location impact on your cooking?

 We take pride not only in our cuisine but also in the privilege of enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Jamison Valley. Located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, we embrace the ever-changing seasons and the region's diverse produce. The constant variation in ingredients ensures our menus reflect the richness and diversity of the region, providing a distinctive dining experience for our guests.

 Using local produce not only ensures the freshness and quality of our ingredients but also supports the community and reduces our environmental impact. Incorporating locally sourced items also enhances the authenticity of our dishes, providing a unique experience for our guests.

What do diners at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains have to look forward to this Summer?

Diners at No. 1 Sublime Pt. can anticipate a culinary experience highlighted by the vibrant freshness of Summer produce. Among the exciting offerings, our team is eager to serve a special Wagyu beef dish, accompanied by rice, crab, and bone marrow infused with a unique Filipino flavour twist.

At Embers Grill, seasonal veggies such as hibachi-grilled kohlrabi, battered pumpkin flower and sweet potato fritters will come into play; while for dessert, we bring the Summer flavours with a grilled pineapple pannacotta. This Summer promises to capture the essence of the season, providing a memorable dining experience.


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