This two-day retreat focuses on helping you explore your family dynamics.

Burt Hellinger formulated the philosophy known as Family Constellations during his time as a Jesuit priest in South Africa.

Over many years he was able to learn from the Zulu people where he witnessed the power of their worldview, ubuntu, translated as “I am because we are.”

During this retreat, you'll have the opportunity to explore the areas where your soul blueprint (your astrology and numerology map) clashes and diverts from the paths of others.

You will take an experiential approach that meets mind, body, soul and spirit through a range of modalities and different activities.

Their specifically designed Yurt space offers a tranquil experience, nestled in the Blue Mountains Bushland.

Incorporate into this retreat:

Energetic healing
Soul blueprint insights (numerology & astrology)
Tarot reading (insights from the unconscious)
Intuitive Counselling

2024-09-14 09:30:00
2024-09-14 16:00:00


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