Clare Dunn spoke of solitude as the sledgehammer which restrains the ego long enough to let the soul breathe and be acknowledged. If you are game enough to confront your inner child woundings and the damaging beliefs and behaviours that have stemmed from this, you can be sure that you’re in for a tumultuous time.

Carl Jung once said that “only the symbolic life can express the needs of the soul—the daily needs of the soul, mind you! And because people have no such thing, they never step out of this mill—this awful, grinding, banal life, and therefore want sensation.”

This mental health retreat helps you rethink the imprints from your mother, father and culture, and is designed to help you work through limiting and damaging beliefs incurred through upbringing, in order to integrate the healthy masculine and feminine. In doing so, you become better positioned to sustain high functioning relationships, find and fulfil your vocation, while aligning with your most deeply held values.

This urging to individuate resides in us all. Suffering and becoming authentic is the ultimate alchemy. Embrace it. Welcome it. And remember what Janet Fitch said:

“The Phoenix must burn to emerge.”

Taking a holistic approach to mental health to help you work through your trauma and woundings in a way that brings about lasting change.

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