Money often costs too much. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Money. Almost all of us have a need to make it (and invariably spend it), save it, borrow it, lend it or gift it. When we’re not putting our time into earning or managing it we are often thinking about it in everyday or agonising ways.

Beyond our own lives, everywhere we find indications of the impact of our collective unconscious beliefs and behaviours around money.

Horrendous inequality and the collapse of the environment are just two outflows of the dysfunction.

To come into the right relationship or flow when it comes to money, the first step is healing our complexes and untangling the conditioning that shaped us.

Carl Jung felt that his life’s work proved that the pattern of higher intelligence exists in each of us, asserting that “not only the meaning of our life, but our renewal and the renewal of our institutions depend on our conscious relationship with this inner pattern.”

From the archetypal perspective, money carries a psychic energy just like so many other areas of life.

The focus will centre on your history with money and how inherited values and beliefs may be tripping you up.

You will gain insights into the greater meaning behind money and a range of associated concepts from a depth psychology framework.

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