Womens Circle

Saturday 10th September

7:00pm - 9:30pm

At 7 Seventh Avenue, Katoomba, New South Wales, 2780 7 Seventh Avenue, Katoomba, New South Wales, 2780

Toko Pa Turner wrote about the hunger everyone feels for connection in an age of screens and isolation:

"The word ‘community’ is used often to describe the mashup of folks who have been thrown together by geography and milieu. But there is another version of the word which conjures an image of living in intimate communion with others for a unified purpose. A vibrant hamlet where we of like-hearts dwell together.

We long for this life, in which everybody has a role to fill and all of our needs are met. But for the many of us who don’t have a sense of the village in our own lives, its very mention can be alienating. Community can feel like that oasis of hope that disappears the moment we get close to it. We speak about it yearningly, like a fairy tale we ache to find ourselves in. And its absence has a great presence in our lives."

Each event is different depending on the theme of the evening.

Through sharing and activities, we connect as a sisterhood, each having the opportunity to share their wisdom and experiences.

They incorporate a calming ritual, guided meditation, oracle cards or intention-setting.

Aside from being all female, the format is fluid. Essentially, it is a space for self-reflection, laughter and rest, free of judgement.

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2022-09-10 21:30:00

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