Wintergarden Yulefest Recipe

HM_-_Duck_Dish-2.jpgExplore a taste of the Blue in your own kitchen with this mouthwatering Yulefest recipe, created by Wintergarden Restaurant’s head chef, Saran Sasikumar.


Geranium Salt Cured Duck Breast

Smoked Duck & Blood Orange Ballotine, Parsnip Gratin, Cottage Cheese Mousse, Brussel Sprout, Charred Broccolini, Native Plum Jus.

Duck breast                             (220-240g) 1unit

Geranium leaves (dried)         10g

Maldon sea salt flakes             50g

Mix geranium leaves with salt flakes and cure duck breast for 5 hours. Wash off salt. Pan sear, skin side down until fat is rendered and skin is crispy. Bake in oven for 6 minutes at 190C. Remove from oven and rest for couple of minutes.

Smoked Duck & Blood Orange Ballotine

Duck Maryland                                               1 unit

House smoked duck breast, minced              50g

Blood orange zests                                          2g

Baby spinach                                                  4-5 leaves

Finely chopped shallots, sautéed                   10g

Sage                                                                1 leaf

Egg                                                                  1 unit

Duck skin                                                         1 unit

Salt & pepper                                                  1 small pinch

Open duck Maryland and pound evenly until flat. Make a mousse out of smoked duck breast, blood orange zests, sautéed shallots, sage and egg. Spread mousse onto flattened Maryland and roll it with the duck skin. Roll in cling wrap and steam until core temperature is 65 degrees. Torch the skin with a blowtorch until golden brown. Slice ballotine into 2cm pieces (1 piece per portion).

Blood Orange Gel

Blood orange puree               100g

Agar agar                               1g

Simmer and reduce blood orange puree by half. Add agar agar and mix well. Move mixture into a bowl. Sit bowl over an ice bath and whisk continuously to cool into a gel consistency. Transfer into a squeeze bottle.

Parsnip Gratin

Parsnip                         1kg

Desiree potato            1kg

Fresh Cream                1 litre

Thyme                         1 bunch

Butter                           100g

Salt & pepper              to taste

Thinly slice parsnip and potatoes, soak in fresh cream and add thyme and seasoning. Arrange potato and parsnips in layers over baking tray, brushing clarified butter between layers. Cover tray with foil and bake for 45 minutes at 170 C. Remove foil and bake another 10 minutes at 180 C until golden brown. Cool overnight in the fridge and cut into 8cm x 2cm pieces.

Cottage Cheese Mousse

Housemade cottage cheese             50g

Crème fraiche                                     10g                 

Chives finely chopped                       10g                                         

Lemon zests                                         3g

Seasoning                               to taste

Blend the cottage cheese and the crème fraiche to get a mousse consistency then add the finely chopped chives, lemon zests and the seasonings and mix well. Transfer this into a piping bag.

Native Plum Jus

Housemade duck jus             50g

Butter                                       10g

Native plum                            10g

Simmer the duck jus with the native plums and reduce it into a sauce consistency then adds the hard butter cubes and emulsify to get a smooth texture.


Charred broccolini                  3 pieces

Steamed Brussel sprout           1 unit

Bulls blood leaves                    3 units

Trim the sides of the rested duck breast and cut it lengthwise, then plate.

Megalong Valley Itinerary
Australia’s first Yulefest destination


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