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Australia’s most spectacular caves are on the western edge of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, 2 hour’s drive from Katoomba, along beautiful, winding, country roads. These famous caves are Australia’s largest caves open to the public. Even more significantly, they are the world’s oldest caves - 340 million years old - existing long before the dinosaurs!


As Jenolan Caves have been strictly protected since 1866, you can experience the awe-inspiring underworld treasure trove of stunning limestone crystal formations. Friendly and knowledgeable tour guides lead you on a unique journey. Choose a fascinating guided tour from several jaw-dropping show caves  – each one different. Pre-booking is essential.

The Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve is teeming with native wildlife. You may glimpse lyrebirds and wallabies, as you stroll along wild bush walks. For an even more memorable getaway, stay overnight and savour delicious breakfast and dinner. Unwind in Jeremiah’s bar, or share the cafe verandah with cheeky rosellas, while you snack and sip in comfort. 

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