Perfume Workshop with Essential Oils

Saturday 1st May

1:00pm - 4:00pm

At 43 Valley road, Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, 2782 43 Valley road, Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, 2782

Whether you are a self-confessed fragrance fanatic, or are a complete novice and just love aromas, you are going to love this workshop hosted in our scenic Blue Mountains location. In this workshop, you will learn all about essential oils and what benefits they can bring to the body and mind.

Instead of buying expensive and perhaps toxic fragrances (colognes and perfumes), join this workshop to create your own natural perfume using essential oils.

Whether you are using a single oil, or are mixing and matching essential oils to find your perfect fragrance, you will always have one thing - the peace of mind you are doing good to your body while smelling wonderful at the same time!

Our perfume and cologne recipes have been tried and tested by both men and women, they have unanimously been given the thumbs up. If you are feeling creative, make your own unique blend.

Our step-by-step class guide notes will have you creating your own signature scent in no time! Celebrities do it all the time and now you can too, only better and safer.

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