Fusion Boutique presents Close to Forever - a collective of some of Australia’s most acclaimed and talented musicians.

Dale Caldwell – vocals (Martenitsa Ensemble, Voices from the Vacant Lot)
Ben Fink – guitars, vocals (Whitlams, Lior, Stiff Gins, Christa Hughes)
Danny Heifetz – drums (Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Link Wray)
Peter Hollo – cello (Tangents, FourPlay and Neil Gaiman)
Sam Golding – horns (Mara Big Band, Sousaphonics, Tango Saloon)
Chris Abrahams – piano keyboard (The Necks, the Vampires, Ed Kuepper, Midnight Oil)

Their sound has been described as a searing and haunting listening experience, a beautiful mix of rich vocal harmony with luscious arrangements.

The band’s musical style is not easily categorised, featuring pop, jazz, rock, indie and alt-folk elements.

Featuring original works and cherry-picked material from master song crafters, they’ve created distinctive sound centred around close vocal harmony, hypnotic rhythms, and ethereal sonic landscapes.

Since their formation, they have been regular sell-out favourites at Venue 505, Camelot Lounge, Django Bar and the Great Club in Sydney.

Close to Forever are thrilled to be bringing this astonishing troupe of musicians to perform in intimate format in Katoomba, sharing the sonic beauty that is their latest album “Hearts and Desire” and much more.

Visual projection elements will also accompany the show.

2024-09-14 18:00:00
2024-09-14 21:00:00


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