An irresistible Canadian-Australian collaboration, shape-shifting traditions of the fiddle and accordion whilst weaving songs that speak into existence the ephemeral mysteries of life. Joined by the thrum of a guest drummer, this duo becomes a trio in their inaugural tour of Australia.

Frenetic Bulgarian dances, haunting Appalachian twangs, droning Irish reels, Swedish polskas and songs that speak into existence the ephemeral mysteries of life, all effortlessly yet meticulously woven together by the vast shared history of the fiddle and accordion as musical companions. This irresistible Canadian-Australian collaboration shape-shifts between traditions, occasionally to the point that the instruments themselves transform; a fiddle to viol d’amore or fretless guitar, an accordion to modular synthesiser, all driven by the infectious clatter, thunder and swish of a drum that serves as both a trampoline for the imagination and morse code from the brain to the body.

After first meeting at the infamous Stringmania Camp in 2018, Warbuton Australia, this highly anticipated collaboration has finally come to fruition (after the unavoidable pandemic delay). In August of 2023 Emily-Rose and Jaron spent time in Toronto, recording, composing, performing and scheming.

2024-04-13 18:00:00
2024-04-13 21:00:00


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