Embarking on a culinary adventure like no other, participants can delve into the truffle-tasting experience. Hosted in an inviting truffle hunting lodge, guests are treated to a complimentary glass of sparkling wine alongside an assortment of sweet and savoury truffle-infused dishes.

Attendees will be guided by experts versed in the art of pairing food with truffles, enriching their culinary expertise and fostering a deeper appreciation for this exquisite delicacy. This experience offers a unique amalgamation of learning and indulgence, ensuring an unforgettable tasting journey.

Reserve a spot now to savour the exquisite flavours of truffles within a cozy and welcoming ambience. Additionally, for those seeking more beverage choices, options like beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available for purchase.

2024-02-14 10:00:00
2024-05-15 10:00:00


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