Join professional forager Diego Bonetto as he takes you and your family on a forest walk, uncovering the details of where to look, when to move and how to harvest edible mushrooms.

Part treasure hunt, part ecological awakening, this experience is like no other. The activity has been treasured for generations by the Eastern European and Mediterranean cultures in Australia, making it a seasonal must-do to share stories and learn recipes.

Expect a cheerful trip, a learning experience, an outing in the magical pine forest, and take home all the mushrooms that you find.

Bring suitable clothing and shoes, water and snacks, a knife and a basket and your camera. They will provide a thorough tutorial on the what/how/where of mushroom foraging, you will visit 2/3 different locations, you will collect mushrooms and they will quality control everyone’s harvest.

You can take pictures and selfies with the loot. Barbeque tasting of fresh mushrooms fried in oil with garlic and served with parsley and artisan sourdough, in the forest.

Too many mushrooms to go home with? You will have a box each to bring home your lot!

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