Wentworth Falls Lake

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Wentworth Falls Lake was originally created by the damming of Jamison Creek to supply water for the steam railway. The Lake is now home to native and introduced waterfowl, native fish such as Gudgeons, and water bugs including freshwater crayfish, freshwater shrimp and dragonfly nymphs. The lake is suitable for kayaks and canoes but not watercraft with engines. Wentworth Falls Lake is one of Blue Mountains City Councils - District Parks. It is also a popular picnic spot, with barbecue facilities and an inclusive smoke free play ground. A range of attractive short walks near the lakeshore are available, including pathways suitable for wheelchairs and children's bikes. With the use of residential streets, pathways can be linked into a 30-minute loop walk Using locally quarried stone a group of local sculptors have created sandstone sculptures featuring the seed pods of plants native to the lake. Each sculpture has been positioned close to the living plant that it relates to making exploration of the lake foreshore come to life.

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Sinclair Cresent, Wentworth Falls 2782

Phone 1300 653 408


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