Manki Coffee



Hi! - Privet! - Kuzuzangpo! We are a cafe in Katoomba with Russian/Bhutanese cuisine. No, don't be scared, our food is not made with vodka. We have only favorites like Horcho, Russian Pelmeni, Crepes and lots of other different things - our honey cake is to die for! We promise you're going to leave the table happy and joyful, having experienced our unique cuisine.


Russian, Bhutanese and original cuisine We highly value our menu with the Chef with 10 years of heavy drinking behind him. Everything tastes like your favorite home cooking! We've got semolina porridge, national soups, momos, vareniki, and shashlik. As for the fun we've got the infinite wine and beer list, and to them, there's a world of snacks, pickles and Russian teas on offer.

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